An enthusiastic, creative, yet practical Ph. D. (Analytical Chemistry) researcher and problem solver with demonstrated track record of achieving objectives during 25 year career in consumer products.


Has consistently used creativity to solve problems:

  • Identified new operating window for laser that enabled a 5-fold increase in product quality and yielded very significant savings via less rejected product. Obtained U.S. Patent # 5,396,910.
  • Formulated and evaluated production of new substrate material.   Handling characteristics passed all specifications. Material is in market today. Obtained two U.S. Patents: # 5,396,911 and 5,415,486.
  • Took initiative and solved a consumer reported "off aroma" problem. Recommended a flavor addition and the means of application. System was positively received by consumers.
  • Developed method to isolate and identify wood cellulose from other plant cellulose. Published results (Beitr. Fur Tabakforschung 8, 302 (1978)). Company settled two patent infringement cases out of court for $200,000 each.
  • Devised procedure to measure uniformity and reproducibility of clear coatings applied to material with a brown background. Two methods were defined and evaluated. One was used in quality assurance laboratory the other at production facility.
  • Conceived procedure and developed method to allow selective reduction in one chemical without altering taste and acceptance of final product. Obtained U.S. Patent # 4,068,671.

Has directed original research :

  • Conceived formulation, directed the manufacture and successful testing of a low cost water-dispersible paper that had very specific property requirements. Product passed all specifications and was 1/2 the cost of paper it replaced. U. S. Patent pending.
  • Developed a concept, designed and directed experiments. Reported, for first time, a complex, yet reproducible, process that allowed monitoring and comparison ofaining potential for consumer products. Company was able to make accurate product claims based on results.
  • New product required filtration with unique properties.   Planned experiments with vendor and evaluated materials. Developed successful filter that passed laboratory specs, met high speed production requirements and saved 50% of original filter cost.

Has taken initiative while on research teams:

  • Convinced product testing team to install and utilize smaller-scale testing equipment for screening trials.   Saved $150,000 in materials and doubled number of monthly prototypes evaluated.
  • Coordinated 2-year product testing project which incorporated three independent testing facilities, each testing 50,000 units. Project was completed on schedule.
  • Consumer focus group feedback indicated that product needed improved initial taste sensations.yle="mso-spacerun:    Formulated taste and aroma enhancing material plus new procedure for incorporating material into product. Focus group results from taste test were significantly improved. System is in market today. Obtained U.S. Patent # 5,065,776.
KILPATRICK and STOCKTON, Winston-Salem, NC   May - Aug , 2000
Helpdesk Analyst (contract position)
RJR NABISCO, Winston-Salem, NC 1978-1999
Master Scientist   1997-1999
Senior Research and Development Chemist     1978-1997
AMF, INC., Stamford, CT  1971-1978
Laboratory Manager 1976-1978  
Research Chemist    1971-1976 


Microsoft Word 6.0/ 2000, Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1,2,3, Windows 95/ 98/ NT, PowerPoint,

Microsoft Outlook 2000,. Experience with programming languages C++, Visual Basic 6.0, Cobol85.


Current      Computer Science  Forsyth Technical College 1999 -
Ph. D.  Analytical Chemistry  1971  University of Iowa   Iowa City, Iowa
B.S.  Chemistry 1966 St. Mary's University   Winona, Minnesota 



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