We have commissioned four scientists, who together have well over 147 Patents in inhalation related work, to develop heat-generated aerosol inhalers. These four scientists have 137 years experience in developing inhalation devices and aerosolizing compounds.  

DOES, Inc. has been developing inhalers for pulmonary ingestion of drugs since 1985.

We  are looking for a partner to continue development of a 'new unique inhaler' that no one else has.

a) the new unique device produces Heat Generated Drug Delivery Aerosols (HGDDA) that aerosolizes pharmaceuticals for inhalation with the following advantages:

      1)  does not cause degradation (decomposition) of the drug
deliver your required particle size,  MMAD .2 to 3 microns or smaller
the agglomeration problem
a precise drug dosage
thermostatically controlled temperature
expected to deliver 60-90% of the drug
delivers little or no pyrolysis degradation compounds 

b) We have developed the important materials to effectively deliver an aerosol generated by the aerosolization device described above. 

c) We have experience with many drug carriers to insure effective drug delivery.

d) Working with your people, we can configure this device to deliver each drug quantity; using the proper temperature, with the required particle size delivered

e) Our product pipeline includes:

    1)   a miniaturized drug vaporization device (HGDDA) approximately 1" by 4" in size that uses heat to generate           an aerosol that can be inhaled - with the above advantages numbered 1), 2), 3), 4), 5),6, and 7).
an active DPI device that will deliver combination drugs.
an add on device that will increase the efficiency of current inhaler devices. This add on device can be used           for many inhaled drugs.
A passive DPI device that will deliver combination drugs.

     We project we can improve delivery over systems currently being introduced, lower your unit delivery cost
     significantly while improving market share on many products.

We would like to work with a partner to develop inhalers for several purposes of importance:
Over 200 drugs that can be aerosolized using heat
2) Inhaled powdered drugs, e.g. insulin
4) Drugs needing quick efficacy

DOES is known by select prestigious clients in:
a) Drug Delivery Devices
b) Inhalation of aerosols

c) Dry Powder Metal Alloy Development for General Electric
d) Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighter Plane (worlds most popular)
e) Military air defense systems, including Patriot missiles used in the Gulf war
f) Certification and patenting of copper alloy
g) National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (Patented)

) M&M/MARS, Inc. - helped develop many products including M&Ms and my favorite Snickers, #1 candy bar in     the world
i) Development of many other consumer products

DOES has sponsored seminars in London, San Francisco, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Winston-Salem on “How to Develop Products.” A famous British developer, Dr. George E.P. Box, FRS was a featured speaker at these seminars. By clicking on references on this web site, please see my personal reference letter by Dr. George E.P. Box, FRS, Fellow in the Royal Society.

Our research has shown that inhaled pharmaceuticals have the following advantages:
1) Smaller amounts of the drug are more effectively delivered
2) Any patient can use an aerosol regardless of their coordination status
3) A drug delivered by inhalation better targets areas of need
4) Systemically delivered drugs can have side effects, whereas locally
delivered drugs reduce that risk
5) The particle size and agglomeration problems can be solved
6) Inhaled pharmaceuticals can act quicker

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